Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


Getting started 

Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to own a piece of the VR industry. We offer investment opportunities to both restricted and professional investors. Almost anyone can own a piece of this exciting industry with as little as £100 investment. It's simple and free for anyone in Europe to sign up.

Browse VR projects

The most interesting aspect of VR is its ability to impact everyday lives through a significant number of unrelated verticals. There are VR applications impacting everything from gaming, manufacturing, medical and Hollywood entertainment to real estate, event management, farming and sports.

Register and invest

Once your investor profile is complete you'll be able to access all projects, ask questions directly to the startups, request further information and invest. To invest, choose the amount and securely pay for your investment by debit card or bank transfer.

Own a piece of VR

With as little as £100 you can become a legal, ordinary shareholder when the round closes. If the business grows and goes on to do great things, you as a part owner get to share in that experience.


Equity offers 

We offer the simplest and most common way to invest and become a shareholder in a business. For every pound you invest, you earn shares in that company. These shares come with full voting rights.


Equity Crowdfunding is risky 

Investing in early-stage startups is risky and you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose. There is no secondary market for investments promoted by SeedingVR which means you will not easily be able to sell your shares. Returns on investment cannot be guaranteed or predicted and you should always try to reduce your investment risk by spreading your money over different types of investments including investments promoted by SeedingVR.




Process for onboarding projects 



Regulation compliance
We are very selective of what is listed and we hold each project to a very high standard. We ensure every statement is fair, clear and not misleading. All factual claims must be substantiated.


A startup sends us their contact details and pitch deck. We review the submitted materials, have a call with the leadership team, discuss the need for additional requirements and discuss business terms.

Due diligence
Key staff and shareholders are submitted to compliance checks. Corporate documentation and financial statements are reviewed. Project overview submitted to outside industry analysts for review and opinions (as needed). Project details scrutinized to be fair, clear, not misleading and substantiated.

Build out and go live
We refine and simplify the materials given to us by the startup. Once a campaign meets full compliance standards, it's approved and made available for investment for an average of 90 days. The campaign will close when either the maximum target amount was raised or the campaign closing date expires.



Becoming a registered investor 



To make investments, you need to complete a questionnaire, or self-certify as a high net worth individual or a sophisticated investor. It’s imperative you have the understanding of the risks involved.


Once completed, you’ll be able to view full details of investment opportunities. You’ll also be able to ask project questions publicly and request additional information from startups privately. Our team will not answer project questions or offer advice.



When you find a business that you’d like to invest in, simply click “Invest” on their campaign page. Enter the amount that you’d like to invest – from as little as £100 up to the full raise. Once you’ve made an investment you’ll need to pay for it by debit card or wire transfer. Any investment over £2,000 will require KYC documentation submission. This information will be submitted to MangoPay (third party escrow provider) and will be kept confidential and will only be used to verify your identity.


Projects must reach their targets within 90 days, and if they do not, all investors receive their money back to their investment account (e-wallet). You can cancel an investment at any time before a campaign closes by contacting us at By cancelling, funds already paid will be returned to your investment account. You can use these funds to make other investments or withdraw fully to the originating account. This can take up to 48 hours.



Once a campaign closes and the investment team have successfully completed legal due diligence and investment documentation, we will transfer the funds to the company (minus our 7% fee) in exchange for shares. We will then send you an electronic share certificate, confirming that you are officially an investor in the company.